Done for You Keyword Research Service

Whether you’re a local service business or an international corporation, the need to be found online is more important than ever.

With billions of searches made every month, search engines like Google and Yahoo are often the primary method that internet users find the information, products, services and the businesses that provide them.

So getting ranked well in search engine results is important, and most businesses know that (even if they wished they ranked a little higher!).

But while many of those businesses want to rank well in Google, in many cases they’re spending their efforts (and money) chasing the wrong keywords (search terms).

We’ll investigate and uncover the keywords that:

    • Are relevant to your business – to attract visitors to your site based on searches that are directly relevant to your core business activities
    • Have good levels of traffic – to identify relevant keywords that would bring you the greatest number of those visitors
    • Have low competition – to find the relevant keywords with least competition to give you the fastest return on your efforts
    • Have commercial value to you – to find the keywords that give you the highest value website visitors – buyers!

We balance these factors to target those keywords that are most relevant to your business, with the potential to generate most visitor traffic, that are of commercial value to you, that have the least competition and the weakest competition, in order to give you the best possible return on your investment in time, effort and cost.

If you already have a website, we’ll analyse some of its key pages assessing the SEO factors that affect their rankings and how they might perform against competition in your marketplace. This enables us to identify and target appropriate keywords.

We’ll also analyze the websites of key competitors in your market to assess their SEO strength. This will provide an indication of how easy or difficult it might be to get good search engine rankings for high value keywords. We can then tailor our keyword research strategy to provide the maximum impact and return from it.

Good Keyword Research is the foundation of a successful site. This service will help you get a new site on track from the very start, and help re-align an existing site to start attracting more of the right kind of visitor!